Ultra Pro Mini Card Holder ONE-TOUCH

Ultra Pro Mini Card Holder ONE-TOUCH


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Ultra PRO's ONE-TOUCH Mini Card Holders are premium trading card storage cases designed to be the final destination for your mini card sized trading cards. ONE-TOUCH two-piece cases are uniquely designed with sliding hinges and a magnetic closure, so you'll never need to use a screwdriver again. The holder uses UV-blocking additives to protect your card from harmful UV rays, and is made with non-PVC materials to provide acid-free protection - ensuring your precious success retains its condition when exposed. Our ONE-TOUCH Mini Card Holders are also ideal for displaying valuable and super-rare playing cards. This model holds Mini Card size cards up to 35pt thick and up to 2-1/4" x 3-1/8".

  • Fits mini cards (2-1/4" x 3-1/8") sports or game cards up to 35pt thick.
  • Made with non-PVC, ultra-clear materials with UV blocking additives.
  • Diamond corners to keep card corners in perfect condition.
  • Frosted edges and ultra-clear materials to show your card's true colors with a high-end presentation
  • Sliding hinge and magnetic closure keep your card secure.

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