Toploaders Binder EVORETRO compact 2x2
Toploaders Binder EVORETRO compact 2x2
Toploaders Binder EVORETRO compact 2x2

Toploaders Binder EVORETRO compact 2x2


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Toploaders Binder EVORETRO compact 2x2

Immortalize your favorite cards in this Compact toploader 2x2 binder! Designed with collectors in mind, this binder is equipped with exceptional features to protect, store, organize and present your precious trading card collections in style. It's the perfect accessory to showcase your rarest and most valuable cards on a whole new level!

Never flip through stacks of cards again, and never lose your place! With this top-loading card binder, you're never more than a finger's breadth away from any card in your deck. It lets you easily track and browse all your collectibles at once, no matter how many there are, so you can enjoy them to your heart's content.

Capacity: Holds up to 96 loaded cards (8 loaded cards per page, 4 front and 4 back).
Compatibility: Suitable for standard 35pt toploaders.
Design: Pages with side pockets for easy insertion and removal of toploaded cards.
Protection: Acid-free materials to protect cards from fading and damage.
Organization: Includes a label insertion function for easy filing and identification of cards in the binder.
Convenience: Zippered closure keeps cards secure and prevents dust and debris from entering the binder.
Portability: Compact design for easy storage and transport thanks to a retaining strap.
Color variations: Black

Microfiber leather outer material highly resistant to water, abrasion, acids and alkalis, as well as hydrolysis.
Sturdy support strap
Microfiber leather is known as the best alternative to genuine leather.
Elastic mesh pockets - we've added these pockets for collectors to store their top-loading, one-touch or graded cards.
High-quality pockets - the inside pages are made from environmentally-friendly PP material, free from acid and pollution.
Moisture control pocket and GPS tracking pocket - a dehydration slot protects your cards from moisture.
Binding method - we used an ultrasonic heat press for the inside pages, then sewed them to the leather shell to guarantee their durability.

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