Perfect fit sleeves EVORETRO (pack of 200)
Perfect fit sleeves EVORETRO (pack of 200)
Perfect fit sleeves EVORETRO (pack of 200)

Perfect fit sleeves EVORETRO (pack of 200)


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Perfect fit sleeves EVORETRO (pack of 200)

Improve the way you store and use your card collection. EVORETRO's soft, perfectly fitting cases are designed to ensure that your cards remain in good condition during play, preventing rubbing damage to the sides or corners of your cards. They're made from acid-free polypropylene to protect them from fading and degradation. For added protection, you can also place your cards in double pockets! Simply insert them into the perfectly matched pocket and cover with your usual pockets.

The transparent design of our card protectors makes it easy to identify cards while protecting them from wear and tear. They also enhance the appearance of your cards, making them more presentable when you show them to friends and fellow collectors. These trading card protectors are compatible with 2.5 x 3.5 inch playing cards. You can also use these trading card sleeves as extra protection when placing your high-value cards in rigid magazines. Their wide opening makes them easy to insert and remove.

Trading cards are meant to be played, which means they're likely to be damaged along the way. Protect them as they deserve with EVORETRO card sleeves. They're perfect for any card collector or gamer, from the casual fan to the hardcore collector. Get yours and be ready to win the game every time!

ADDITIONAL PROTECTION: our trading card sleeves offer extra protection and shock resistance for your precious card collection. These perfect-fit sleeves will preserve the value of your playing cards for years to come. A perfect gift for collectors!

PRACTICAL DESIGN: These card sleeves are designed to fit your collection perfectly and keep it safe. You can also try doubling them up by inserting the card in the perfectly fitting pocket and layering it over your usual card pocket.

ULTRA CLEAR DISPLAY: Thanks to our flexible, transparent plastic card sleeves, you can easily organize and display your trading cards to friends and fellow collectors. They let you see your collection clearly without having to unload it.

WIDE COMPATIBILITY: These protective Pokémon card sleeves are compatible with Pokémon, Magic the Gathering (MTG), World of Warcraft TCG, Weiss Schwarz, playing cards and trading cards up to 2.5 x 3.5 inches in size.

PREMIERE QUALITY: Keep your favorite collectible cards in pristine condition with EVORETRO's acid-free polypropylene card protectors. Dimensions are 8.9 x 6.4 cm. Measure your item before purchasing to ensure size compatibility.

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