MTG - Wilds of Eldraine - English Set Booster
MTG - Wilds of Eldraine - English Set Booster

MTG - Wilds of Eldraine - English Set Booster


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MTG - Wilds of Eldraine - English Set Booster

13 cards per booster

30 boosters per box

Eldraine is a plane of wonderful chaos and contradictions - your players will be invited to begin their own adventure, enveloped in a fantastic fairy tale with a twist to break the curse of endless sleep.

Game boosters are the best packs to open for fun. They contain superb art cards and let you explore the game. With a full display, players can explore a varied amount of breathtaking card treatments and develop their existing deck strategies.


30 boosters from the Wilds of Eldraine series
12 Magic: The Gathering cards per booster
1 to 5 cards of Rare or higher rarity in each pack
1 Artistic Card (the stamped Signature Artistic Card replaces the Artistic Card in 10% of boosters)
3-7 uncommon cards
3-6 common cards
1 Earth card (traditional sheet in 20% of packs, full Earth card in 33% of boosters)
At least 1 borderless special card of uncommon or superior rarity
1 traditional card
1 token/advertising card, help card or "List" card (a special card from the history of Magic or a Universe Within card - present in 25% of packs).

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