Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Set Booster Box

Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Set Booster Box


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Kamigawa Neon Dynasty Set Booster Box

Box of 30 packs of boosters

Pack of 12 cards

Magic: The Gathering Wizards of the Coast

Set 1200 years after the first Kamigawa block, Neon Dynasty promises to be filled with cyberpunk samurai and a flashy Sci-fi aesthetic. In a world where tradition meets modernity, you'll meet new and old faces: the Emperor of Kamigawa is said to be a familiar character, while Kaito, a cyberninja Planeswalker, makes his first appearance.

The best boosters to open just for fun!
1-4 cards of Rare or higher rarity in each booster
With cyberpunk cards full of color and chrome, the future is bright in Kamigawa.

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