2021-22 Panini Revolution Basketball Hobby Box

2021-22 Panini Revolution Basketball Hobby Box


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2021-22 Panini Revolution Basketball Hobby Box

5 cards per pack

8 packs per box

If you're looking for a revolution in the sense of a redesign of something, you're not likely to find it in the Panini Revolution Basketball 2021-22. That said, going by the brand's recent history, this is one place where collectors will find something different from the basketball card norm. That starts with most of the designs, but also with the configuration, with the emphasis on traditional hits.

While autographs are not guaranteed in every hobby box, there are four inserts and eight parallels, both of which are a big part of the product identity.

Revolution Basketball 2021-22 Panini Checklist Overview

Since Revolution debuted over 20 years ago as a Pacific brand, the line has always been home to a modern foil design. Bold and abstract elements come together once again.

2021-22 Panini Revolution Basketball Rookie Card Scottie Bares

Hobby packs feature an average of one parallel. Rather than just playing with colors, these different background designs. They include Astro, Groove, Fractal, Impact (/149), Cosmic (/99), NBA 75th Anniversary (/75), Sunburst (/60), Cubic (/50) and Lava (/10). The Galactic versions are also coming back. They are not serial numbered but are among the rarest parallels of the product.

2021-22 Panini Revolution Basketball Groove Stephen Curry

The Chinese New Year boxes include a dozen parallels that are not available anywhere else. These include Chinese New Year, Chinese New Year Emerald (/88) and Chinese New Year Holo Gold (/8).

2021-22 Panini Revolution Basketball Chinese New Year Scottie Barnes

The inserts, which arrive about every other pack, retain the patterned foil base of the base set. Some are also die-cut. Liftoff!, Rookie Revolution, Shockwave, Supernova and Vortex are among the most common chase sets.

Rookie Revolution 2021-22 also features short run inserts such as Prime Time Performers and Star Factor, die-cut.

Rookies, veterans and legends are among the product's autographs. Fractal (/100), Infinite (/25) and Kaleido (1/1) are among the product parallels. Rookies have additional Chinese New Year parallels that are only found in these boxes.

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