2020-21 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey Hobby Box
2020-21 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey Hobby Box

2020-21 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey Hobby Box


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2020-21 Upper Deck SP Authentic Hockey Hobby Box

Box of 18 packs

5 cards per pack

2020-21 SP Authentic Hockey continues to build on the brand's heritage. Autographs remain a major focus but there is also the more recent development of the UD Bounty program, which continues with a new challenge.

Both are present in every hobby box with the promise of two autographs and a Spectrum FX insert that doubles as a bounty piece.

SP Authentic Hockey 2020-21 Checklist Overview

Those looking for all of the main set items have 232 cards to find. It's not a round number, but there are several elements that bring it all together.

For starters, the base set contains 100 cards. This is where the veterans are located. The limited red parallels are 1:6 hobby packs, three per box. Some cards are also available in limited Autograph versions, in 1:144 packs.

Celebrated Moments (#101-116) is the first of three subsets, falling into 1:7 packs. Although autographs also exist for some of these cards, they are difficult 1:1,800 packs.

Future Icons (#117-147) features two young players who are considered cornerstones of their respective franchises. Numbered at 199 copies, these are the rarest cards in the core set.

And what would an SP Authentic Hockey series be without the Future Watch rookie cards? They are back in full force with numbers 148-232. As tradition dictates, most of these cards come with autographs. The basic versions still have a print run of 999. For those that are signed, the first 50 copies also feature a player inscription. Future Watch cards also have Mystery Black parallels.

2020-21 SP Authentic Future Watch Autograph

There are also variants of the Future Watch Auto Patch card, which are numbered to 100 copies. The Mystery Black parallels on these cards are unique.

2020-21 SP Authentic Hockey Future Watch Auto Patch


2020-21 SP Authentic Hockey's signature lineup goes far beyond the rookies in the base set. That said, the Future Watch theme returns for some retro-style autograph inserts.

The 2010-11 Future Watch retro autographs were designed ten years ago. They are available in three levels with a numbering of 399, 99 or 50. The Auto Patch versions are printed at 99, 49 or 25 each.

Further back in time are the Retro Future Watch 2000-01 autograph variants. The print runs vary by player.

As far as design goes, there are a few other nostalgia-oriented inserts: 2000-01 Retro Sign of the Times (1:255 packs) and 2000-01 SP Authentic Retro Base Variant Autographs numbered in series.

Sign of the Times, a SP mainstay since the 1990s, retains its place on the checklist. The regular versions are 1:42 packs, making them one of the most readily available signatures in the product not called Future Watch. The black parallels have various numbering.

Decade-specific Sign of the Times cards are back, featuring not only players from that era but also designs that match that time period. This year's decades include:

the 1980s - 1:1,728 packs
1990s - 1:1,728 packs
2000s - 1:1,728 packs
2010s - 1:864 packs
2020-21 SP Authentic Hockey Sign of the Times 1990's
Then there are the multi-signature Sign of the Times cards that have two (/25), three (/15), four (/10), six (/6) or eight (/5) autographs.

Limited Auto Material cards have signatures on the card and memorabilia used during the game. They have four levels of rarity, numbered at 100, 50, 25 or 10.

Other autograph inserts include UD Authentics (1:360), UD Authentics Auto Patch (/49 or /25), SP Chirography (1:1,728), Marks of Distinction (/25), Immortal Ink (/25) and Immortal Ink Duals (/10).

Additional inserts
True Leaders (1:8) and SP Top Performers (1:30) are two regular insert sets in SP Authentic Hockey 2020-21. Some cards in these two sets also have autographed versions.

2000-01 SP Authentic is the theme for two other sets of inserts. The Retro Future Watch cards have a print run of 500 each. There are also basic Retro variants (1:4 packs) and their respective Spectrum (/100) parallels.

Bounty Cards
The Spectrum FX cards, which are about one per hobby box, are where collectors are going to want to look for the 2020-21 SP Authentic Hockey bounty hunt.

The set includes 99 cards in total. Those who build and save it get an exclusive #100 card not found in the packs.

The first 50 to complete the task also receive a special gold parallel set of the 100 cards.

Building the set would be difficult enough if all the cards were available in similar quantities. But this is not the case. The veterans are 1:18 packs. Spectrum FX Future Watch cards are available in three tiers, landing in 1:36, 1:90 and 1:360 packs.

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