2024 Upper Deck SP Game Used Golf

Release date : 2024-05-08

Box of 1 pack

Pack of 5 cards

Vu pour la dernière fois en 2021, SPGU Golf garde l'approche standard intacte avec cinq cartes par boîte. Chaque boîte devrait contenir en moyenne trois hits qui peuvent être des reliques, des autographes ou des reliques d'autographes.

The 2024 SP Game Used Golf checklist includes current rookies and stars as well as legends of the game. The basic series includes 100 golfers.


Contents of a Hobby box (average) :

  • 3 Hits (Relic, Autograph or Auto Relic)
  • 2 basic cards or recruit basic cards

The 2024 SP Game Used Golf range also includes a variety of hits. Authentic Rookies feature an autograph and a piece of memorabilia worn by the golfer. The set also offers scaled rarity (#/599 or less) and low-numbered Spectrum parallels (#/25 or less).

In addition, the Inked Fabrics (#/99 or less) and Inked Rookie Fabrics (#/49) cards take a similar approach.

Fans can also find Leaderboard Letter Marks cards (#'d), which combine to spell out the golfer's name.

With an integrated signature surface that resembles the face of a club, Inked Drivers is another brand staple. This manufactured relic is available in silver (1:3), black (#'d) and khaki (1/1).

As you'd expect, Memorabilia cards fill a large part of the 2024 SP Game Used golf card list. The Front 9 Fabrics and Back 9 Fabrics cards are inspired by a classic golf scorecard.

Supreme Gear offers a selection of different items, including bags, caps and gloves, and all cards are numbered five or fewer.

The rest of the relics are reserved for Tour Gear. They come in single, double, triple and quadruple versions.