2023-24 Upper Deck Trilogy Hobby Box

Release date : 2024-05-15

Box of 6 packs

Pack of 4 cards

Case of 20 boxes

The complete basic set requires 250 cards. In this set, there are four distinct sections with cards of varying rarity. The veterans occupy the first 100 slots and are the most numerous. The remaining 150 cards are the same group of 50 rookies, each with three (that's the number) distinct versions: common (/999), uncommon (/699) and rare (/299).


Contents of a hobby box (on average)

  • Autographs or Memorabilia Cards - 2 Total
  • Rookie Renditions or Trilogy Generations - 3 Total
  • Parallels - 5

Vet parallels require a matrix bix because three main colors each have a common, uncommon and rare version:

Common: Red -/249, Blue - /99, Green - /49
Uncommon: Red - /99, Blue - /49, Green - /25
Rare: Red - /49, Blue - /25, Green - /10
Unique purple parallels are also available.

Rookies have a similar color mix, while remaining within their category:

Common: Red -/199, Blue - /99, Green - /49
Uncommon: Red - /149, Blue - /99, Green - /25
Rare: Red - /49, Blue - /25, Green - /10

Some basic checklist cards have also been enhanced with signatures and samples.

Veteran versions include jerseys (1:24), gold autographs (1:48), crests, numbered crest autographs and unique purple autographs.

For memorabilia, common rookies have Jersey (/499), Patch (/49) and Tag (/5) parallels. Gold autographs are numbered at 499 or less for common, 199 or less for uncommon and 33 or less for rare. Purple autographs (1/1) are also available here.

Signature washers have been a Trilogy staple for years. They consist of a puck-like piece of material that is used for the signature surface. Standard versions are 1:60 packs for veterans and 1:120 for rookies. Both versions have parallels with the team logo (/24) and the NHL crest logo (/3).

Similar cards include 2022-23 Rookie Update Signature Pucks (/149), goalie-focused Signature Pucks (1:500 packs) and Team Canada Signature Pucks (1:400 packs).

Other autograph themes in the Hockey 2023-24 Upper Deck Trilogy include Hall of Fame Plaques (/25), AutoFocus (1:1,200 packs), AutoFocus Rookies (1:1,200 packs) and Crystallized Signatures (1:1,200 packs). Each of these four sets comes with on-card signatures.

Memory-specific sets are part of Team Twigs (/10), Back in Time (/35), and Honorary Triple Swatches (/35 or less).

The 2023-24 Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey checklist includes a few other sets of inserts that collectors can also hunt down.

Trilogy Generations (1:4 packs) are back. These puzzle-shaped cards combine to showcase the franchise's lineage with stars past, present and emerging. Red (/799), blue (/349), green (/99) and pink (/25) parallel cards are available. Hit versions include numbered autographs, jerseys (/99), gold autographs (/10), crests (/10), crest autographs (/10) and purple crest autographs (1/1).

The new Trivium (1:40 packs) take a similar approach, but with three players on a single card instead of splitting them up. Gold Tint (/49) and Black Ice (1/1) are the parallels here.

Rookie Renditions (1:5 packs) are another place where first-year stars take center stage. Standard parallels align with trilogy generations. Jerseys (1:40 packs), autographs (/99 or less), crested autographs (/25 or less) and purple crested autographs (1/1) are also available.

There's also Rookie Premier (1:32 packs), which also comes in Gold Tint (/49) and Black Ice (1/1) versions.

The Triple Gold Club (/199) highlights players who have won field hockey's greatest prizes, both on NHL ice and on the international stage.