2023-24 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey Hobby Box

Release date : 2024-06-05

8 packs per box

3 cards per pack

16 boxes per case

Seventh chance for the NHL card series, 2023-24 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey brings collectors another cardboard season that relies primarily on inserts and parallels.

Indeed, each Hobby box should produce an average of 16 inserts and eight parallels.

Contents of a Hobby box (average) :

  • 1 base card, autograph or technical numbered
  • 8 Base Red Parallels (50% have Bounty codes)
  • 3 Cranked Up inserts
  • 3 Light Up the Night inserts
  • 1 additional insert (Barnburners, Fearless Leaders, Flammable, Let's Goooooooo! or Waffleboarded)
  • 3 additional inserts (Rookie Journey and/or Synergistic Duos)
  • 5 additional inserts (2030, Star of the Show and/or Thrill Rides)

Low print runs are again the key element for the 2023-24 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey base set. This 125-card lineup consists of base Veterans (#/14; #1-60), Legends (#/14; #61-75), Rookies (#/24; #76-115) and Rookies SP (#/24; #116-125) cards.

Limited to 14 copies, Rookies SP Portrait cards are an even rarer variant.

Parallels include red editions that are also part of the UD Bounty program, as well as purple ones (#/99), some with autographs.

In addition, inserts are an important part of the Upper Deck Synergy Hockey 2023-24 checklist.

Popular inserts include 2030 (1:5 packs), Cranked Up (#/849; 3 per box), Light Up the Night (#/999; 3 per box), Rookie Journey (#/999), Star of the Show (1:4 packs), Synergistic Duos (#/999) and Thrill Rides (1:7 packs).

Always relevant, StarQuest returns to honor the 25th anniversary of the 1998 design, with new blue (#/199), green (#/199) and red (#/49) parallels. Cast for Greatness metal inserts (1:54 packs) also return.

Finally, goalies are the featured group for the retro-styled Waffleboarded (1:80 packs).

Each of the five inserts can be found in a low-numbered Spectrum parallel that is limited to 25 copies.

Although they may be elusive in the 2023-24 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey series, many autographs are available.

Many players in the main series have cards in the basic purple autograph line. Basic red autograph cards (#/25) are reserved for SP rookie portraits.

Hunt for low-numbered autographed cards in Cast for Greatness Signatures (#/25) and Star Quest '98 Retro Gold Auto (#/5).

The Upper Deck Bounty program adds extra opportunities for 2023-24 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey. If you are among the first 25 collectors to complete and redeem the full Base Red Bounty parallel set, incentives await.

Please note that only about half of the red parallels include the UD Bounty scratch code required to redeem each card.