2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hobby Box

Release date : 2024-04-17

One-pack box

Pack of 6 Premium cards

5 boxes per inner

2 inners per case

2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey continues its high-end approach, offering a variety of diamonds, relics and autographs, as well as a new batch of NHL cards from the Exquisite Collection.

Each box of six cards contains an average of one diamond autograph or relic.

Contents of an average hobby box :

  • 1 Autograph or non-autograph Diamond Relic
  • 1 basic card or basic parallel
  • 1 exquisite collector's card
  • 3 additional cards (regular insert, Tech and/or Memorabilia non-auto/exquisite collection)

The 2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey checklist starts with a base deck of 100 cards. There are 349 copies of each base card, plus a few low-numbered base parallels.

There are also Base Diamond Relics cards, numbered to five copies, in single, double, triple or quadruple versions, and Pure Black editions in single copies. Base Auto (#'d) and Base Premium Relic (#'d) cards are also available.
Among the inserts, there are numerous return sets for 2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey, including Rookie Gems (#/399), which has red (#/100) and green (#/10) versions. Limited to 299 pieces, Diamond Legends, Diamond Stars and Diamond Futures inserts return with Purple (#/49) parallels.

Fans can choose additional inserts with Diamonation Rookies (#/99), Diamond Facet (1:10), Diamond Gallery (1:10), Diamond Might (#/99), and Run for the Cup (#/99).

Sparkling gemstones remain a key element of the Black Diamond brand. First, Band of Color features a rainbow of gems for veterans and beginners alike.

In addition, the popular Diamond Relic Rookies and Diamond Relic Rookies Retro Quad Diamond are all issued in 99-copy editions. These cards come in several versions, with the most coveted names in quad diamond form. Limited parallels include Ruby (#/49), Purple (#/25), Emerald (#/10) and Pure Black (1/1).

Autographs enter the mix with Gemography (#/25), Diamond Stars Purple Diamond Relic Auto (#/10), Diamond Legends Purple Diamond Relic Auto (#/10) and Diamond Futures Purple Diamond Relic Auto (#/10). Each set has a unique Pure Black parallel, while Gemography provides a few additional choices.

Still in progress, 2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey features non-memorizable autographs in Diamond Stars Auto (#'d), Diamond Legends Auto (#'d) and Diamond Futures Auto (#'d).

Other signed cards are available in Rookie Gems Signatures (#'d), with Red (#/10) and Green (#/5) versions, and Sparkling Scripts, for top veterans/legends (1:6) and rookies (1:10).

Glistening Graphs (1:40) is new, adding a rare Spectrum (#'d) parallel.

Those who want self-replicating pairs have at their disposal the Auto Rookie Team Logo Jumbo Patch (#/99 or less), Cup Winners Patches Gold Auto (#'d), Diamond Debut Auto Patch (#/49 or #/25), Diamond Futures Premium Relic Auto (#/25), Diamond Legends Premium Relic Auto (#'d), and Diamond Stars Premium Relic Auto (#'d).

Jewels of the Draft and Veteran Jewels of the Draft cards make their appearance, adding the all-new Pure Black (1/1) parallel.

Rangers Retired Numbers Patches Gold Auto (#'d to jersey number) also appear.

Working in commemorative memorabilia for 2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey, new Rangers Retired Numbers Patches (#/99) cards pay homage to retired number banners in the rafters with a fabricated patch.

Team Logo Jumbo Patches (#/99 or less) feature 45 players, including nine from the 2023 All-Star Game, from the Carolina Hurricanes, Detroit Red Wings, Nashville Predators and Ottawa Senators. These are embroidered cards with manufactured logos that can be combined like a puzzle for display purposes in a sheet of nine cards.

Young talent is reserved for the Rookie Team Logo Jumbo Patches line.

Fans of relic cards also have Cup Winners Patches (1:12), Diamond Debut Relics (1:4), Diamond Mine Relics (1:4), Diamond Mine Dual Relics (1:10), Diamond Mine Triple Relics (1:20).

Acting as the final part of 2023-24 Upper Deck Black Diamond Hockey, the boxes contain a 2023-24 Exquisite Collection Hockey card.

Limited inserts are numbered to 399 (or less), including several rookie sets.