2022-23 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hobby Box

Release date : 2024-05-01

1 pack per box

4 cards per pack

8 boxes per inner

2 inner per case

Retaining the four-cards-per-box format, 2022-23 Ultimate Collection Hockey is back for another season of NHL collecting.

Upper Deck Hobby boxes contain an average of one autograph and one relic. The third hit in the box can be a technical card, a relic or an autograph relic.

Contents of a 2022-23 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Hobby Box (average) :

  • 1 autograph
  • 1 replica card
  • 1 extra shot (Premium Tech, Premium Memorabilia or Autograph Memorabilia)
  • 1 Base/Insert (Base, Ultimate Introductions or Ultimate Rookies Card unsigned)
    This differs from 2021-22, which has an expected production of an autograph, a relic and an additional hit that is either an autograph, a relic or an autograph relic.
The base series of the Ultimate Hockey Collection 2022-23 features veterans and legends, with each card numbered to 149 copies.
Limited parallels include the brand-new blue edition (#/99).

A number of subjects also lend their signatures to the main series, including players from the Base Set Veterans Autographs (1:18 boxes) and Base Set Legends Autographs (1:48 boxes).

he Ultimate Rookies line is another popular addition to the Ultimate Hockey 2022-23 collection. It includes unsigned Ultimate Rookies cards as well as the Ultimate Rookie Auto staggered set (#/299 or #/99).

In addition, fans can look for Ultimate Rookie Auto Patch cards (#/99 or #/49) with Jumbo versions (#/5).

Among the 2022-23 Ultimate Collection Hockey inserts, the options are likely familiar to collectors.

Ultimate Introductions (1:3 boxes) again highlights top rookies, adding limited Showcase (1:80 boxes) cards as well as autographs.

From there, the successes continue in the Ultimate Hockey Collection 2022-23. Paying homage to the past, the Ultimate Victory Retro Autographs 1999-00 line revisits the style of 1999-00.

Rookie Accents (#'d) are back, and the classic Ultimate Signatures set returns with coverage for veterans (1:8 boxes) and rookies (1:6 boxes).

Those who prefer autographed relics have a wide choice to discover. Among them, the brand-new Ultimate Tendys Jersey Auto insert. Celebrating goalkeepers, the cards feature jerseys worn in matches.

Autographed Debut Threads (#/99 or #/49) cover the best rookies, while Autographed Pro Threads (#/49 or less) focus on established stars.

You'll find other returning series via Rookie Signature Premium Materials (#/65 or #/35), Signature Masterpieces (1:8 boxes), Signature Materials Laureates (#'d), Ultimate Material Signatures (#'d), Ultimate Premium Material Signatures (#'d), and Ultimate Shield Patch Auto (1/1).

As for souvenirs, the Ultimate Collection Hockey 2022-23 checklist adds Ultimate Power Play Combos. The new two-player game places a pair of game-worn coins on each card.

Look for other Memorabilia chase cards in the Rookie Tandem Shield Patches (#/2), Ultimate Premium Material (#'d), Ultimate Patches (#'d), and Ultimate Shield Patches (1/1) categories.