2022-23 Upper Deck Stature Hockey Hobby Box

Release date : 2023-11-22

Box of 1 pack

Pack of 8 premium cards

Case of 16 boxes

2022-23 Upper Deck Stature Hockey marks the fourth year of the NHL card product that relies on limited parallels and signed content.

Each Hobby box contains an average of one autograph or auto relic. Eight-card boxes also offer a chance for a second autograph.

What a 2022-23 Stature Hockey box contains (on average)

1 Autograph
1 Additional card (Autograph, Auto Patch or #'d Base/Insert)
1 numbered basic rookie or rookie image variation
1 image variation or parallel base/insert
1 low-numbered image variation, drawing variation or base/insert parallel
1 insert (Digne, Patineurs splendides or Wunderkind)
As in previous years, the 2022-23 Upper Deck Stature Hockey checklist is based on a basic deck of 200 cards with 100 veterans and 100 rookies (#/399).

2022-23 Upper Deck Stature Hockey Cards 1

In addition to a number of parallels, including brand-new orange editions, collectors can find basic and rookie variations via basic image variants, basic design variants and basic design and image variants.

The main series extends to on-card parallels in basic autographs (1:14 boxes), basic variable autographs (1:28 boxes), basic rookie autographs (#/199 or #/99), and basic rookie variable autographs (#/49).

Similarly, the basic auto-relics range covers the same selection with serially numbered editions offering autographs signed with patches.

From here, the 2022-23 edition of Upper Deck Stature Hockey gets off to a flying start with three new inserts.

Dignified (25 cards; 1:4 boxes) honors the all-time greats, Splendid Skaters (25 cards; 1:4 boxes) identifies some of the best stars on the ice, and Wunderkind (50 cards; 1:2 boxes) highlights the rookies of 22-23 on a "new class design."

Each insert adds a few parallels to hunt for. The Orange parallel (#/35) is also new.