2022-23 Upper Deck SPx Hockey Hobby Box

Release date : 2023-09-27

1 pack per box

5 cards per pack

A classic brand in Upper Deck's NHL arsenal, 2022-23 SPx Hockey comes in a Hobby format with an average of one autograph per box.

Boxes now include a pack of five cards.

Collectors can also find another set of UD Black cards.

2022-23 SPx Hockey Base / Parallels
The 2022-23 SPx Hockey Base set includes 100 veterans (#1-100) and 100 rookies (#101-200), with each card limited to 299 copies.

In addition, the set is treated to a new parallel rainbow featuring the cut-out hologram of the NHL shield (#25).

2022-23 SPx Hockey Base Parallels Breakdown

Base - #/299
Base Rookies - #/299
Colored maple leaf - #/149
Radiance - #/100
Grand Finale - #/50
NHL shield cut-out hologram - #25

SPx 2022-23 field hockey inserts
Fans can also count on an expanded range of inserts. New sets for 2022-23 SPx Hockey arrive via 2002-03 SPx Retro (#/299) and HoloChampions (#/299). The new Hologram Shadow Box line combines Spectrum Light F/X technology with acetate.

A blast from the past, SPx Force (1:100) is a cut-out insert for four players covering 10 team combinations. Look for the limited edition Gold Holo (#/15).

Returning series include Finite Rookies (#/999) and Radiance F/X Acetate (#/1,299).

Autographs / Relics 2022-23 SPx Hockey
In addition, the SPx Hockey 2022-23 checklist makes room for hits among base cards and base rookies, such as base relics, autographs and autograph relics.

As usual, many inserts feature autographs. Auto Holographs opts for the familiar die-cut style.

2022-23 SPx Hockey Cards 5

The HoloChampions Autos set pays tribute to former title winners.

2022-23 SPx Hockey Cards 6

Hunt for extra autographs with retro SPx 2002-03 autos, Radiance FX Purple autos, SPx signatures, Super Scripts autos and White Out autos.

Details of the 2022-23 Upper Deck UD Black Hockey set
UD Black Hockey 2022-23 inserts give the SPx Hockey 2022-23 set a little more firepower. The Obsidian Rookies set (#/499) adds Gold (#/99) and Purple (#/25) editions.

UD Black Lustrous Rookies Signatures cards are available at 299 copies or less.

2022-23 SPx 7 field hockey cards

The UD Black portion of the product also includes Obsidian Scripts (1:80) and Obsidian Rookie Scripts (1:240).

Look for more card content with the UD Black Lustrous RPA card (#/125 or less), which has a low-numbered Clarity white variant (#/15).

2022-23 SPx 9 field hockey cards

Pride of a Nation cards (#/99 or less) are another difficult signature hunt.