2022-23 Upper Deck Parkhurst Champions Hobby Box

Release date : 2023-09-20

Box of 20 packs

Pack of 8 cards

Case of 12 boxes

The 2022-23 Parkhurst Champions Hockey series adds a new chapter to the NHL brand of cards.

While the annual Parkhurst series is normally sold by retail, this all-new retro-inspired product includes a Hobby format.

Expect one autograph or relic per Hobby Box, plus an extra hit.

2022-23 Parkhurst Champions Hockey Hobby Boxes contain on average :

1 Autograph or Memorabilia Card
1 additional card
4 basic rookie and/or legend SP cards
4 basic rainbow parallels
2 basic color variations
1 gold rainbow parallel base card
3 retro inserts 1951-52
4 additional inserts (Jukebox Heroes, Tomorrow's Riches, 1950s Flashbacks, and/or Wire Image)
Parkhurst Champions Hockey Base 2022-23
Covering stars past, present and future, the Parkhurst Hockey Champions 2022-23 checklist includes 350 cards for the main set.

Each pack should contain two base cards from each 100-card group (#1-100, #101-200 and #201-300), while short runs include Rookie base SPs (301-325; 1:7 packs) and Legends base SPs (#326-350; 1:20 packs).

In addition, collectors can find several basic parallels in each box.

Parkhurst Champions 2022-23 field hockey inserts
Inserts are also plentiful with Parkhurst Hockey Champions 2022-23. Themed sets include 1950s Flashback (1:34 packs) and Jukebox Heroes (1:25 packs).

2022-23 Parkhurst Champions Hockey Cards 1

1951-52 Retros (1:8 packs) honor Parkhurst's 51-52 design through a 100-card set that includes the rookies. Check back of card for back-of-pack variations (1:40 packs). Blasters have exclusive versions with a blue border (1:5 packs).

Other choices include Tomorrow's Riches (1:17 packs) and Wire Images (1:15 packs).

Parkhurst Champions Hockey Cards 2022-23 2

Another in-game rarity, All-Star Legends (1:1,200 packs) provides a very short run to hunt for.

Autographs and relics from the 2022-23 Parkhurst Champions Hockey series
From there, 2022-23 Parkhurst Champions Hockey adds more to the basic set with relics, autographs and autograph relics.

2022-23 Parkhurst Champions Hockey cards 3

This includes several low-numbered versions for selected basic subjects.

2022-23 Parkhurst Champions Hockey Cards 4

Rare autographs also apply to the return insert, thanks to 1951-52 Retros Auto (1:360 packs), 1951-52 Retros Rookies Auto (1:360 packs) and 1951-52 Retros Legends Auto (1:1,920 packs).

2022-23 Parkhurst Champions Hockey Cards 5

These cards add rare Red Auto versions (#/5).

2022-23 Parkhurst Champions Hockey Cards 6

Other limited signature options include Jukebox Heroes Auto (#'d), Tomorrow's Riches Auto (#/35) and Wire Images Auto (1:1,800 packs).

Issued in exchange, serially numbered Parkhurst MEM-orable Booklet Cuts cards include cut autographs (#'d) as well as autograph (#/10) and rookie autograph (#/25) versions.