2022-23 Upper Deck Credentials Hobby Box

Release date : 2024-01-31

6 cards per pack

8 packs per box

20 boxes per case

The new edition of Upper Deck Credentials features a base set of 200 cards which includes a subset of 100 beginner cards, serially numbered and divided into four rarity levels.

Box break (average)

  • 8 1st, 2nd and 3rd star cards of the evening (veterans and rookies) and/or highly anticipated cards
  • 4 early-bird passes (including parallels)
  • 2 technician cards
  • 1 basic series parallel card
  • 1 autograph or non-autograph acetate card

The parallels are numerous and colorful! There are 10 veteran parallels and 9 rookie parallels, including pink (#'d up to 49), green (#'d up to 25), purple (#'d up to 10 & Hobby-exclusive), gold (#'d up to 5) and black (#'d 1-de-1).

    There's also a horizontal variant of the complete Debut Ticket Access rookie subset, featuring the same levels of serial numbers and the same range of colored parallels.

    Collect one (1) parallel card from the basic set and four (4) Debut Ticket Access cards (regular/parallel; including horizontal variants) per box, on average.

    SIGNED AUTOGRAPHS! Credentials has traditionally offered a host of numbered, signed veteran and rookie star pursuit cards on paper, and the 2022-23 version continues this tradition. Below is a rundown of the signed insert sets available. Each set features the same seven (7) parallels (only the numbers vary from set to set), and this range includes a Hobby-exclusive purple parallel and a 1-on-1 black parallel.

    Autographs Debut Ticket Access: This popular 50-card series features the top rookies of 2022-23. The regular series is divided into three levels (#'d to 299, 199 and 99) and the Purple parallel is #'d to 10.

    Horizontal Debut Ticket Access Autographs: The horizontal variant of the regular Debut Ticket Access Autographs set includes only the top 25 rookies. Each card in the regular set is numbered 99 or 35, and the cards in the Purple parallel set are numbered 3 or 2.

    Ticket Access Autographs: This is the veteran equivalent of the Debut Ticket Access Autographs series. Regular set cards are numbered 99, 49 or 25, and Purple parallel cards are numbered 2.

    Retro Ticket Access Autographs: This limited edition set features a colorful retro ticket-inspired design and five star players. Normal series cards are numbered to 25, and purple parallel cards are numbered to 2.

    Debut Ticket Access Acetate Autographs and Ticket Access Acetate Autographs: These superb beginner and veteran cards, with their reduced numbering and made on the ever-popular acetate base, will make valuable additions to any collection! These cards are parallels to the non-auto series numbered 249 (rookies) and 149 (veterans).

    NEW INSERTS! Be the first to collect the brand-new Bubble Hockey and High-Anticipated insert series! Bubble Hockey is a rare acetate set in which superstars and top rookies are represented as their bubble field hockey figures would appear in the classic game. Keep an eye out for Gold Spectrum parallel cards numbered 25! Highly Anticipated features the best players in the 2022-23 rookie class. Be on the lookout for Auto parallel cards!

    The popular 1st, 2nd and 3rd Star of the Night cards - with veteran and rookie versions - are back! Keep an eye out for low-density autograph parallels.

    Also returning are the Main Stage Signatures and Speed of the Game inserts, which debuted in 2021-22. Main Stage Signatures is a veterans-only autograph set with a two-level Gold parallel (#'d at 25 and 10) and a 1-on-1 Black parallel. Speed of the Game is a superb Light FX insert featuring some of the fastest players (veterans and rookies) in the league today. Collect one rookie version per box, on average.