2021-22 & 2022-23 Upper Deck Clear Cut Hockey Hobby Box

Release date : 2024-02-14

1 card per box

15 boxes per inner

2 inners per case

2022-23 Upper Deck Clear Cut Hockey returns as a combo set, combining NHL 2022-23 and 2021-22 cards in the same edition.

Otherwise, Clear Cut maintains its normal production of one encapsulated card per box.

If the card is a redemption, it comes with a bonus unsigned UD Canvas Rookie Debut card.

2022-23 Upper Deck Clear Cut Hockey features a 200-card base set of Basic Autos (1:6 boxes), Basic Legend Autos (1:30 or 1:90 boxes) and Basic Rookie Autos (1:5 boxes).

Parallels include UD Exclusives (#/65 or less), UD High Gloss (#/10) and One-of-One (1/1) limited editions.

From there, the 2022-23 Upper Deck Clear Cut Hockey checklist includes several debuts, including Foundation Autos (#/25) and Stoppers Autos (#/99).

Cellys Signature Top Shelf cards for veterans/legends (1:40 boxes) and rookies (1:25 boxes) offer other new choices.

Look for UD Canvas Signatures Rookie Debut cards (#/10) with Gold Ink versions (1/1).

Fans can also find Canada Pride car cards (#/99 or #/25) and U.S. Pride car cards (#/99 or #/25) die-cut, which borrow from the 2012-13 Canada Pride design.

Another series of retro-inspired die-cuts arrives in Signature Vintage Views, featuring veterans (1:60 boxes), legends (1:240 boxes) and rookies (1:45 boxes). This series is also available as a Gold Edition (one-of-one).

The Retro Rookies Autos line (1:15 boxes) also revisits the hobby's past. The acetate insert showcases the iconic beginner cards of the series issued over the last decade.

2022-23 Upper Deck Clear Cut Retro Rookies Rundown

2013-14 Ultimate Collection Rookies
2014-15 Young Guns
2015-16 SPA Future Watch Auto
2016- 17 Black Diamond Rookies Gems
2016-17 SPA Future Watch Auto
2019-20 The Cup Base Rookies
2020-21 SPA Future Watch Auto
2020-21 Ultimate Collection Rookies

Going back even further, we find the 1991-92 Upper Deck Autos (1:180 boxes).

As mentioned, the single card in each box may also come from 2021-22 Upper Deck Clear Cut Hockey.