2022-23 Upper Deck Trilogy Hobby Box

Release date : 2023-05-25

6 packs per box

4 cards per pack

20 box per case

Each Hobby Upper Deck Trilogy Hockey 2022-23 box contains 6 packs with 4 cards in each pack!

BOX COMPOSITION (on average)

3 Rookie Renditions and/or Trilogy Generations cards
3 #'d Parallel Cards
3 #'d Base Set Rookies Cards (Common, Uncommon, Rare)
1 Autograph Card
1 Memory Card
1 plexi card, low number parallel (99 or less), rookie year photo variant or triptych rookie card.
The 2022-23 Trilogy offers a unique 250 card base set that includes three versions of the rookie cards! Here's how it breaks down:

Veterans (1-100) | Common Recruits (101-150) | Uncommon Recruits (151-200) | Rare Recruits (201-250)

The Rookie subsets each feature the same Top 50 Rookies, but with different designs and different levels of rarity. Common Rookies are numbered up to 999, Uncommon Rookies are numbered up to 699 and Rare Rookies are numbered up to 299.

There are a variety of serially numbered autograph and/or memorabilia parallels in the base set, including Purple Auto (some veterans, numbered 1 of 1), Patch & Patch Auto (some veterans, numbered low), Gold Auto (all Rookies, numbered differently), Patch (uncommon Rookies, numbered up to 49) and Tag (rare Rookies, numbered up to 5).

The popular Rookie Renditions insert, featuring the top rookies, is back! In addition to the regular set, there is also a wide variety of side cards, led by Green (# up to 99), Pink (# up to 25), Auto (# up to 15), Gold Auto (# up to 15), Patch Auto (# up to 15) and Purple Patch Auto (# 1 of 1)!

Coveted Triple Memory Cards! The coveted triple memory cards are also back. The thick Triple Swatches (one player, three unique pieces of game memory) and Triple Relics (three players, one piece of game memory per player) honorary cards are numbered to 35, 25 or 10, and the checklist for each includes rookies, stars and legends.

Incredible plexi inserts! This year's edition is filled with plexi inserts, four of which are signed:

New! 2005-06 Rookie Premier Retro: Each card - numbered up to 99 - features one of the top rookies from the 2005-06 Rookie Premier Basketball design.
AutoFocus: This classic insert features signed autographs on paper from veteran stars and superstars.
AutoFocus Rookies: Lucky collectors will find one of these super rare gems signed by a top rookie.
Crystallized Signatures: These amazing cards contain a signed autograph from a young star or veteran superstar.
New! Frozen in Time: The return of a classic Trilogy insert with veterans and legends numbered to 275. There are also Frost Blue (#'d to 50) and Black Ice (#'d 1-of-1) parallels.
New! Rookie Premier: A plexi version of the Common Rookies base set #'d to 299. There are also Gold Tint (#'d to 50) and Black Ice (#'d 1-of-1) parallels.
Hall of Fame Plaques: We're adding five new legendary players to this 25-copy, signed-on paper, live set.
The 2022-23 edition also features the rebirth of another Trilogy classic - Trilogy Generations! Each card features a past, present or future superstar. There are a host of incredible parallels to collect, including Pink (#'d to 10), Jersey (#'d to 99), Gold Auto (#'d to 10), Patch Auto (#'d to 15) and Purple Patch Auto (#'d 1-of-1).

Signed puck cards! Trilogy is known for its signed puck cards and this year's edition continues that tradition with four intriguing sets: Signature Pucks (veterans, including superstars), Rookie Signature Pucks (2022-23 rookies), 2021 Update Rookie Signature Pucks (2021-22 rookies) and the all-new Signature Puckstoppers (veteran stars and legendary goalies). Each card features a manufactured puck with a signed autograph on paper. In addition to the regular series, collectors can look for low-numbered parallel cards for the team logo and NHL shield logo.

The rare 140-pt. Rookie Triptychs - featuring three different images of each of the top rookies on the roster - will be a valuable addition to any collection.

This product is available in stores only or by special order