2022-23 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey Hobby Box

Release date : 2023-06-28

8 packs per box

3 cards per pack

16 boxes per case

Every Hobby 2022-23 Upper Deck Synergy Hockey box contains 8 packs with 3 cards in each pack!

BOXES (on average)

8 red parallel cards from the Basic Set, Legends Basic Set and Rookie Basic Set 50% of these cards, on average, will include a scratch-off bonus code.
5 cards 2030, Star of the Show and/or Thrill Rides
4 Light Up the Night and Light Up the Night Rookies cards
3 Cranked Up! cards Cards
3 Rookie Journey and/or Synergistic Duos cards
1 #'d Base Set, Base Set Rookies SP - Red Parallel, Auto or Metal/Tech Card
CASE BREAK (average)

6 autograph cards
2 Cast for Greatness cards
2 *Cast for Greatness, #'d Base Set and/or #'d Purple Parallel (Unsigned) Cards *Purple Parallel or Regular Surplus
2 StarQuest cards
1 Easter Egg card
Synergy Hockey 2022-23 offers a 125-card base set featuring veterans, legends and low-numbered rookies (regular and SP). With just 23 real rookie cards and only 13 veteran and legend cards, the Synergy base set is very easy to collect!

The basic set is broken down as follows: Veterans (1-60), Legends (61-75), Rookies (76-115) and Rookie SP's (116-125).

Collect red and purple parallels from the complete basic series. Fifty percent of red parallels, on average, feature a bonus scratch code, and collecting the full red parallels series can earn you some exceptional bonus cards. Find out more below. All purple parallel cards are numbered to 99 or less, and many feature an autograph.

Also keep an eye out for Portrait and Auto Portrait variations of the low-numbered Rookie SP's (all numbers are 25 or less).

New insert sets! The latest edition of Synergy features six new insert sets:

2030: With a futuristic design and checklist featuring young NHL stars who plan to be the face of the League in 2030 - such as Matt Boldy, Quinn Hughes, Kirill Kaprizov, Cale Makar and Moritz Seider - this set will be very popular.

Cranked Up! A brand-new series of acetates numbered to 899, featuring veterans, rookies and legends. Collect up to seven serially numbered parallels, including four numbered to 99 or less (Green Spectrum, Pink Spectrum, Black Spectrum and Gold Spectrum).

Greater Than Signatures: This rare set of die-cut autographs includes a checklist of top veterans and rookies. Lucky collectors will be able to pull a super-rare orange (numbered to 49 copies or less) or blue (numbered to 1 copy) parallel!

Light up the night: These gorgeous Spectrum Light FX cards featuring veterans and rookies will stand out. Each regular card is numbered up to 1399. There are also neon yellow parallels (numbered up to 799), blue (numbered up to 449), pink (numbered up to 299), green (variably numbered) and gold 1 of 1. Most green and gold parallels feature an autograph.

Rink Ink Autographs: Another series of rare, die-cut autographs. In addition to top veterans and rookies, this series also includes retired stars/legends. Look for orange parallels (numbered to 99 or less) and blue parallels (numbered to 1 in 1).

Thrill rides: This all-new set, printed on rainbow cardstock, showcases the game's most exciting playmakers.

Metal cards! Look for the Greatest Hits, Cast for Greatness, with the best retired rookies, superstars and legends on an all-metal trading card. Look out for the greatest hits too: Cast for Greatness Signatures cards, numbered to just 25 copies!

The popular, serially numbered Rookie Journey and Synergistic Duos inserts are back, each with an extended range of parallels. The Rookie Journey insert consists of three subsets (Draft, Home Uni, Away Uni) and features an all-new green parallel (#'d to 399) to go with the red (#'d to 599) and gold (#'d to 149) parallels. The Synergistic Duos insert, featuring two players from the same organization, also consists of three subsets: two current stars, a current star and a legend, and a current star and a rookie. In addition to the return of the red (numbered up to 599) and gold (numbered up to 149) parallels, there's also a new green parallel numbered up to 399.



Be one of the first 25 collectors to complete the 125-card basic set - Red Parallel Bounty. Each box contains, on average, 8 Red Parallel cards - half of which, on average, will feature a Bounty scratch code. Redeem all bounty cards at UpperDeckBounty.com by entering the scratch code.

Bounty cards to be won:

Top 10:

The first 10 collectors who collect and redeem the complete bounty set will receive both the base set of 125 Gold cards # 25 and the Gold Cast for Greatness metal set # 10!

The next 15:

The next 15 collectors who collect and redeem the complete bounty set will receive the 125-card Gold # 25 base set!

Redeem all bounty cards at UpperDeckBounty.com. For more information on the bounty program, visit the site on or after the release date.